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Take the ride of your life on the most legendary ship of them all!

Though the pirate was terrifying, there was some mercy left in his villainous heart. "I ought to make you walk the plank," he growled at us. "But, this time, I'll let the sea decide your fate." My heart leapt up in my chest. We still had a chance! "If we make it to shore in one piece, you must leave my islands immediately."

The pirate turned on his heel and descended to his quarters. His crew instantly was upon us. They lashed all six of us to the masts with heavy ropes. "For your own good," one of them said with a smirk. "You're in for a rough ride."

As if on cue, the boat began to pitch wildly in the waves. "Faster!" a mate shouted. "Before it gets worse!" Sails whipped violently overhead as we plunged through the angry Atlantic. I'd never been aboard a ship traveling at such a tremendous speed! I could feel her timbers strain.

The shore couldn't be far now, but I feared we'd capsize before we reached it. Each wave was more powerful than the last. Eerie sunlight flickered through the black clouds and salt water splashed my face. I heard the frightened shouts of my captive friends as a huge breaker nearly knocked us sideways!

Just when I thought we were done for, we turned into the sheltered cove. We were soaked and shivering, but we'd made it! The pirate stalked back onto the deck. He watched with no expression on his weathered face as the crew untied us and sent us down into the shallow, calm water. I turned away from him, took a deep breath, and smiled with relief. What an adventure!

* Minimum 3 riders; Maximum 6 riders

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