The Outer Banks' Ultimate Waterpark


Battered sails snap in the wind. A trio of wild horses gallops through the shore break. Half buried near the dunes, a glass bottle holds an x-marked map. You bend to pick it up as gulls flap overhead. Suddenly, the wind shifts. A weathered door creaks open near the lighthouse. You're startled, but hold tight to the bottle as you watch the old pirate approach. "I'll be taking that," he calls with a snarl. For a second, you consider handing it over. Instead, you take off down the beach, running fast into the adventure of a lifetime....

From buried treasure and legendary pirates to windswept dunes and wild horses, the epic story of the Outer Banks comes alive at H2OBX, our brand new outdoor waterpark. Write your own thrilling chapter as you explore more than 30 rides, slides, and attractions at the newest waterpark on the Outer Banks. If relaxation is more your speed, spend a leisurely day enjoying our resort-style amenities. Experience inspired shopping and dining options as you take in spectacular OBX views. 

Whether you're looking for wild family fun or an upscale resort getaway, H2OBX is the place to be in the Outer Banks. Come see all that the best waterpark in North Carolina has to offer. General Admission Tickets for H2OBX Waterpark are dated so that we can closely monitor the attendance of the waterpark in order to provide our guests an experience like no other park in the country.