Open Daily 10am - 6pm
Kids Teens & Adults
No Weight Limit

Kick back and enjoy over 1,000 feet of resort-style relaxation.

On the other side of our narrow island, the gentler Currituck Sound was flat as could be. A heron dipped its beak into the water near the shore. A fish jumped in the distance, leaving circles on the water where it landed. We tossed our inner tubes into the easy current and set out to enjoy a refreshing ride.

I tilted my face into the warm sunlight, admiring the tree-lined coast. Farther out in the waterway, a fishing boat motored past. I laughed as its wake rolled under my inner tube, sending up a welcome splash. Maybe later we'd climb the lighthouse, or hunt for shells on the beach. But, for now, it was hard to think of a better way to spend an OBX afternoon.

*Under 44" must be accompanied by an adult. Single and double tubes available.

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