Get Your 2023 H20BX Day Tickets!

Welcome to H20BX Waterpark, the top thing to do in the Outer Banks!  After your online purchase is complete you will be emailed a website link containing your uniquely barcoded H2OBX Waterpark General Admission Ticket. You can print the barcoded ticket or we can scan from your mobile device.

If the e-commerce site does not launch after clicking the ‘PURCHASE' button below for the product you are looking to purchase, please "allow pop blockers". 

Weather Warranty

Some of summer's best days start with a questionable weather forecast. While H20BX Waterpark does not offer a refund on tickets, we do make your visit risk-free by assuring you that if we suspend operations due to lightning in the area for more than 60 minutes, you will receive a complimentary Twilight Return Visit Ticket, valid for the rest of the summer and can be upgraded at $10 to a full day ticket. To claim your Return Visit Ticket, everyone in your party needs proof of admission, either a ticket purchased online or on-site at H2OBX. All members of your party will present their proof of admission in exchange for a Return Visit Ticket and have all their belongings, as accepting the Return Visit Ticket forfeits the rest of your day's visit. Our state-of-the-art weather alert system is for your safety, while our weather warranty will guarantee your satisfaction.

4 For Fun

Under 42" General Admission

Over 42" General Admission

65+ And Over General Admission


Vacation Pass

Military & First Responders

Local Residents


What's Happening...

Sanctuary Vineyards Free Tasting

Weekend Special Turkey Legs

What's New? Coffee Bar