Open Daily 10am - 6pm
Kids Teens & Adults
100 300 400

This thrilling, 70’ tall tube ride for up to two people features three adrenaline-charged drops

Step into a thrilling Outer Banks story as you brave the Dune Runner.

I paused for a breath at the top of the ridge. The enormous dune was perilous, with a dizzying drop just steps away. The Atlantic stretched out endlessly below, crashing for miles against the sand.

But this was no time to relax: the band of pirates was upon us! They blocked our way back. Our only escape was to take the sandy plunge into the churning waters below. "1, 2, 3" and then I leapt, mere feet ahead of the scallywags.

It was a mad tumble down the dune. I closed my eyes against the whirl. Twice, I thought the fall was over, only to plummet again! With a great splash, I reached the bottom, heart thumping. I had escaped!

I must confess: I long to take the plunge again!

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