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This seven-story behemoth brings a daring coastal exploit to life.

With only the moon to light our way, I steered the old schooner toward open water. We picked up speed as the night wind filled our sails. Faster and faster, our vessel vut through the relentless waves.

"I can't see a thing!" I shouted to the mate. There was no reply. My pulse quickened as we plunged ahead into the pitch-black unknown. Between the darkness, the sea spray and the rushing wind, I felt as though I was hurtling through space!

Suddenly, the wind began to ebb. The mate appeared at my side, holding a lantern against the sky. "The island," he yelled, "it's here! We made it!" I could just make out the shape of land.

More adventure lay ahead, but I couldn't hold back a quick smile. What a midnight ride!

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