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Warning! The red flags are out for this Zero-G slide.

When we rowed beneath the pier, I could tell immediately that the current was much stronger than I'd imagined. "Hold on!" I called. The ocean swirled and sprayed where it met the huge wooden pilings. The pier cast shadows on our rowboat. Fading sunlight filtered in through its slats.

With all of my strength, I pushed my oar against the waves. Still, they spun us around with dizzying force. I felt fear creep up in my chest.

The riptide carried us in a wild, zigzagging path. My arms were beginning to tire. Would we ever be free? Just when I thought we'd never escape the tide's grip, a massive wave came to our rescue! It lifted our boat and sent it splashing back down just outside of the current's fiercest spin.

Safe from its grasp, I said a silent thank you to the mighty Atlantic.

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