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Brave a fearsome Carolina squall at H2OBX.

We never meant to battle the nor'easter, but there was no turning back once we were in its path. As quickly as the storm clouds appeared on the horizon, the lashing wind and rain began! The vessel shuddered in the crashing surf and the sky grew dark.

"Hold the boom!" the captain shouted. Hunched against the rain, our crew staggered into action. The waves turned us around and around with dizzying speed. Lightning cracked overhead, illuminating the sky. I clung to the mast for dear life.

The swirling sea did its worst, tossing our vessel about like a toy boat. Yet, somehow, when the clouds cleared, our crew remained on deck. Soaked and exhausted by the storm's fury, we nonetheless raised a toast to the mighty Atlantic, and another to adventure. We live to sail another day!

*This ride can be done with a single or double tube.

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