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Catch the ultimate wave on our six-story raft ride!

We should have known better than to stay so long at sea. The waves were fierce to begin with, and the wind had picked up hours before. But there we were: lured by adventure into the roughest ocean I'd ever seen.

The first mighty wave crashed into our stern, nearly pushing us sideways. "Bail!" I cried. With only six hands aboard, we'd have to be fast. Salty water rushed over our boots. The wind lashed our faces. Before we even grasped our buckets, the next wave hit. We spun again.

Thrown to and fro at astonishing speeds, we struggled to stay upright. Someone yelled in the chaos, and the wind whipped their words past my ears: "We won't survive another one!" I fought off my panic. We might lose, but we must try.

Then, suddenly, it was there: the most monstrous wave imaginable. A wall of green-black water, it rose before our eyes, blocking out the sky. Our vessel barreled ahead. We climbed and climbed. Against all odds, we were nearly at its terrifying crest. I closed my eyes and willed her to hold strong.

In a rush of swirling water, the fearsome breaker heaved us backwards. Our crash into the ocean shook every timber of the boat. Yet, when I opened my eyes, we were all in one piece! Cheers erupted.

We faced the Atlantic's worst, and lived to tell the tale.

* Minimum 3 riders; Maximum 6 riders

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