Thrill Rides

Launch from the peak of a towering sand dune. Pilot a sailing vessel on the stormy Atlantic. Hold tight to a wild mustang galloping in the surf. These epic, coastal Carolina experiences have been recreated as H2OBX thrill rides! Explore some of the most cutting-edge, best waterpark slides ever constructed and keep the Outer Banks excitement alive all day long.

Dune Runner

This thrilling, 70’ tall tube ride for up to two people features three adrenaline-charged drops.

Midnight Marauder

This seven-story slide features three electrifying drops through an enclosed tube. This cool water slide runs more than 500’ in length!

Paradise Plunge

Go all in on the Outer Banks with our 9-story free-fall slide. Riders are dropped from the launch capsule, 90 feet up, and experience a near free-fall before being launched into a 360-degree horizontal translucent enclosed loop.

Rip Tide

Warning! The red flags are out on this Zero-G slide. This 50’ tall tube slide features dark twists with aqua lucent lighting, steep drops, and a near-vertical 35’ wall that boomerangs riders back and forth. 

Wild Horse Run

At almost 1,500’ long and standing 50 feet high, riders can go alone or with a friend and experience the tightest corners and high-banking turns in the Outer Banks. 

The Plank

Ready to walk The Plank? When the floor drops, a 90’ free-fall awaits on this exhilarating slide. 

Storm Chaser

Brave a fearsome Carolina squall at H2OBX! You’ll be set afloat down a aqua lucent lit, enclosed flume before being launched into a cavernous basin. 

Flow Rider

Catch the best surf in the Carolinas on the innovative Flowrider.